4 August 2022

第二届澳大联- hpn健康促进计划研讨会继续加强大学促进健康的能力

Patitin Lertnaikiat

第二届健康大学评级系统(HURS)研讨会于8月1日举行, 2022年通过在线方式使用Zoom会议平台. 来自8所大学和24所大学的70多名学员出席了研讨会. 继3月29日举办的第一届HURS研讨会之后, 2022, the second aims to further improve on the “Monitoring of Healthy University Framework Implementation: Healthy University Rating System (HURS)”. 

This HURS workshop is a part of ASEAN University Network - Health Promotion Network’s project in improving Health Promotion within universities. 参加研讨会的演讲者有博士. Choltis Dhirathiti, 韦德游戏 Executive Director; Dr. Nuttapun Supaka, 伙伴关系和国际关系科主任, Thai Health Promotion Foundation; Dr. Wiwat Rojanapithayakorn, Advisor of Executive Director of 韦德游戏-HPN; Prof. Dr. Chartchalerm Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya, 医学技术学院院长, Mahidol University and Chair of the Committee on HURS Development; and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phudit Tejativaddhana, 韦德游戏卫生发展研究所所长, 韦德游戏-HPN执行董事.

The purpose of the 2nd workshop was to monitor the implementation and fulfill the current objectives of the Healthy University Framework (HUF). 该论坛有4个目标,第一个目标是为韦德游戏区域的健康促进制定标准. The second is to raise awareness of the threat of unhealthy behaviors and poor environments that impact the health of people; and the need to address them. 第三是促进联盟成员大学在大学内外促进健康领域的作用. 最后也是第四个目标是在所有韦德游戏+3大学中扩大健康促进活动. Completion of the objectives will achieve the goal of enhancing the quality of health and greatly improving quality of life for university personnel.

HURS is a tool developed based on the Healthy University Framework (HUF) by the 韦德游戏-HPN that is used to assess how a university is promoting healthiness and dealing with health concerns. 研讨会期间,与会者有机会讨论和分享利用人力资源制度的重要知识. Following this, the virtual interactive workshop enabled participants to learn and experience how to log in to the system in order to input data correctly.  当系统建立后, universities enrolled in the HURS network will be able to share their best practices of healthy university aspects with others through international or local workshops held by the 韦德游戏-HPN or local host universities.

工作坊结束后,参加者将更熟悉HURS. 它可以成为协助大学健康促进的有力工具. 研讨会的意义将体现在大学如何成功地利用人力资源制度并吸取所学知识, shared, 并讨论如何改善学生的生活, lecturers, staff, 所有涉及韦德游戏地区的大学人员.