25 May 2022


韦德游戏 Writer Team

By Suman Mazumdar, 韦德游戏 Intern

Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, the Executive Director of the ASEAN University Network, 在星期四举行的“高等教育管治”圆桌会议上发表了中肯的意见, May 19, 2022, as part of UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 (WHEC2022). The session was moderated by Hon. 肯尼亚前教育部长助理Kilemi Mwiria博士主持. Choltis; Flor Pablo Medina- Former Minister of Education, Peru; Hannele Niemi- Professor of University of Helsinki, Finland; and Susanna Karakhanyan- Higher education Policy & Regulation Director of Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.

The speakers and audience discussed possible avenues to enhance the governance of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the light of growing impediments such as the expansion and commercialization of provision to HEIs; increased accountability to various stakeholder groups; globalization and industrialisation; shifting global political communities; technical advances; an increasing public sector and social networking and media communications; militarized wars; racial prejudice and tribalism; and crisis situations such as the corrupt practices of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). 高等教育机构能够最好地建立可接受的自治程度的方法是一个基本的讨论主题,因为试图平衡相互冲突的内部和外部动机可能最终导致组织自治的衰落.

According to UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education, 治理指的是“……旨在确保问责制的结构和过程, transparency, responsiveness, the rule of law, stability, equity and inclusiveness, empowerment, and broad-based participation. Governance also represents the norms, values, 以及公共事务的透明管理的游戏规则, participatory, inclusive, and responsive. Governance, therefore, can be subtle and may not be easily observable. However, in a broad sense, 治理是公民和利益相关者相互作用并参与公共事务的文化和制度环境. It is more than the organs of the government…”

Dr. Choltis表示,这个主题包含了大学高层管理者在决策过程中几乎每天都面临的困境. Governance is about finding the right balance, for instance, having come from the context of Southeast Asian higher education, 现在的大学面临着在排名和服务社区之间取得平衡的困境. If we go for rankings, particularly commercial rankings, 大学需要进行大量深入和优秀的学术研究. But if we go for serving the needs of the community, most of the time it does not provide scope and time for good research. 有些人说韦德游戏可以两者都选,但大学的最高管理者拥有有限的预算,他们需要明智地投资. When we go for accountability and transparency, 大多数时候,韦德游戏会与管理的有效性或效率发生冲突, which do not go well together. 管理效率和参与治理之间也存在不平衡.

他总结说,韦德游戏地区的文化是多样化的,民主不是一种共同的货币. 因此,高等教育治理是一种推动民主进入高等教育体系的机制. 在一些国家,大学教师是国家官僚机构的一部分, 因此,一些高级管理人员的职业生涯最终会像柬埔寨一样进入该部, Vietnam, Lao, and Malaysia. If we do not handle higher education in Southeast Asia well, it can potentially create problems to the world. Quality education is the key to the development of this region. With regards to the budgetary problem, 考虑到大学的数量,预算分配是政府的一个重要问题. Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic, 教师被甩在学生后面,因为学生精通技术,可以更好地利用在线学习.